hello world

Often I have thoughts and ideas that I feel like I could jot down if I had the habit and place for them. Not for the reason they are that much noteworthy for anyone besides me, rather just for the personal journaling fun of it. So this will be a place for those things.

One kind of thing I will want to make note of is everyday learnings. I feel like my brain is constantly soaking up so many things. Partly because my work requires so, and also because my wife is a knowledge nerd who’s never out of random facts. I want to put down some of the information that I might want to look up later but don’t want to keep it in my head.

The other track is hobbies. In the past four years since I’ve picked up board gaming and role playing as a hobby I’ve learned so much about them. I feel like I should keep track of some (seemingly) useful information about these, too. And any hobby activities for that matter. Once I created a personal wiki but I got lost in the wiki creation itself and didn’t pick up the habit of adding content to it. I’ll try it the other way around this time.

So, this blog can easily be just that: a typical blog, like it’s the ’90s, with thoughts about random stuff. I like the ’90s anyway: naive positive attitude, no expectations, not being hard on yourself, having fun. Let’s do that.